tess (a.k.a. tess bear)


Sadly Tess left us back in September last year.  She’d lived a long and happy life and we’re pretty certain that she’s looking down on us from doggy heaven and that her tail’s still wagging!

Missed dearly but her presence will always remain with us here in the workshop!

Tess could be found sleeping on her bed in the studio. She was an affectionate sausage dog and a very loyal companion to Nick.

3 favourite things: 1) Eating pigs ears
2) Sleeping
3) Short people
Dislikes Walking (unless it’s around the town), having her nails clipped and tall people.


lucy (a.k.a. little lou)


Sadly little Lou left us in May after a very short illness.  She kept her wilful personality right until the end.  She wasn’t a quiet dog and loved the sound of her own voice – so these days the studio is a lot quieter!

Lou was a very vocal sausage dog and could be found covered up on her bed in the warmest spot in the studio. She was a very loyal companion to Jean and an extremely reluctant walker.

3 favourite things: 1) Eating
2) Sleeping
3) Barking and getting on the settee with Jean in the early hours
Dislikes Walking (especially in the wet), being uncovered.

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