Sophie Robertson

sophie robertson (a.k.a. miss jam)


Unfortunately Sophie left ‘Brick&Bean’ HQ last year to follow her heart and head to beautiful Brighton.  She now lives with her boyfriend Nathan and their delightful cat Daniel (named after Daniel LaRusso the Karate Kid!).  We miss her dearly and look forward to her visits!  

Sophie used to keep us all up to date with celebrity current affairs. She is a big fan of the sweater dress and could often be seen sporting one in the workshop.

Studied: BA (Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery design, Loughborough university, Graduated – 2002
Favourite smell: Pulled party poppers
Favourite book: The Da Vinci code by Dan Brown – I couldn’t put it down!
Favourite film: Mary Poppins
Favourite album: The Stands – All Years Leaving
Hobbies: Spinning, watching TV, cutting hair
Loves: Duncan from Blue, Peter Kay, pink champagne, Antoni Gaudi, Musicals, Art Nouveau
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
The frog prince brooch – the frog looks really cheeky!
What do you collect? Shoes and pig related merchandise
What is the meaning of life? Be happy by doing what you want to do – not what you think you should do!
Popmaster speciality: Boybands (Sophie knows them all! From: One True Voice to El Divo)
3 favourite things: 1) Shoes
2) Dominoes pizza
3) Makeovers for people and their houses
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