Nick Hubbard

nick hubbard (a.k.a. Boss Brick) he makes the perfect cup of coffee!

Nick is never far from the bench either working on commissions or designing new exciting pieces for the collection. When Nick isn’t at the bench you can find him cutting out small squares from magazines to make collages and cards. If he’s not doing that he’s tempting us girls with peanut butter on toast, chocolate or other sweet goodies guaranteed to give us a sugar boost to keep our energy levels up!

Studied: Silversmithing, Birmingham school of jewellery
Occupation: Managing Director (Nick comes up with new ideas and works on commissions and making work for orders).
Favourite smell: Wall flowers
Favourite book: Kilverts Diary by Francis Kilvert, affectionate, the joy of life
Favourite film: Hairdressers Husband, simple pleasures
Favourite album: Hunky Dory – David Bowie, perfect music and sleeve. Memory of a dear friend.
Hobbies: Making collages / cards, cycling
Loves: Tunnocks caramel bars, Tracy Emin, Alan Bennett, watching Coronation Street and Depeche Mode live.
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
‘Wee Beastie’ brooch, a homage to Robert Burns
What do you collect? Small things, old photographs of people with their pets, other people’s artwork, books and c.d’s
What is the meaning of life? To be kind to one another.
Popmaster speciality: General (Nick knows an awful lot about music)
3 favourite things: 1) ‘Cider with Rosie’ by Laurie Lee
2) Perfectly ripe avocado
3) Radio
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