meet the ‘Brick and Bean’ team

here we are!

We’re a friendly, interesting bunch (even if we do say so ourselves). We’re all very different and diverse which means we all work well as a team pooling all our talents and skills. What we do all have in common is a passion for good design, giving 100% and our love for jewellery.

Here’s a little insight into our lives….

The ‘brick and bean’ team is made up of:

Nick Hubbard

21st May 1955 -
17th August 2013

Jean Hubbard

Director, designer and maker

Mandy Smith         

Designer and maker              

Katie Mitchell

Designer and maker

Jenni Wilson

Designer and maker

Helen Lea

Designer and maker

Treacle Spangle
Brick & Bean team members that have sadly moved on -

(gone but never forgotten!!!)


Nick Hubbard

Director and designer

Tess Lucy  
Sophie Robertson Kate Wimbush Sara Oberland