Mandy Smith

mandy smith (a.k.a. little miss bossy)

Mandy’s career has taken a different route from how she thought it would. When she was seven she wanted to be a long distance lorry driver called Sandy. Now her days are filled with watching inspirational programmes such as Orange County Choppers, The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother???

Studied: BA (Hons) Jewellery, Middlesex University, Graduated – 2000
Occupation: Workshop manager
Favourite smell: Pure poison perfume – it smells so clean, like fresh washing!!!
Favourite book: Human Moments by Dr. Edward Hallowell – it’s touching, warm and makes me smile
Favourite film: Labyrinth – it was the first film I watched at the cinema
Favourite album: Damien Rice, O – raw emotion
Hobbies: Reading, long walks, going to the gym, sunbathing, listening to music
Loves: My gorgeous little boy and girl, open fires in the winter, the smell of print in books, denim, loud music, the sound of laughter and looking through sketchbooks!
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
I love it all but especially ‘3 little words necklace’ – it’s so beautiful I never take it off!
What do you collect? Heart shaped stones and washers (the ones that have been kicked around the pavement are my favourites)
What is the meaning of life? Always treat people as you wish to be treated yourself and just ride the bad times, without them we wouldn’t appreciate the good times!
Popmaster speciality: Soft rock – I’m an 80’s girl at heart!
3 favourite things: 1) Music (the louder the better)
2) Getting into bed after putting on freshly washed and ironed sheets.
3) Feeling the warmth from the sun
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