katie mitchell (a.k.a. busy bee!)


Katie is the newest addition to the 'Brick&Bean' team and we are mighty pleased to have her on board!  She is a whizz at the bench and as well as having a busy social life she still finds time to make her own jewellery, check out Katie's website:




BA (hons) Design for Industry, HND Jewellery and Silversmithing

Birmingham City University. Graduated - 2009

Occupation: Workshop assistant
Favourite smell: Coconut - it reminds me of holidays and suntan lotion!
Favourite book: Holes by Louis Sacher
Favourite film: The Lion King - I've seen it so many times I know all of the words!!!
Favourite album: Any by T-rex and Marc Bolan - they are all exciting!
Hobbies: Making jewellery, Gardening, Motor biking and camping.
Loves: Going on outdoor adventures!
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
I have a special spinning ring commissioned by my boyfriend Adrian - I never take it off!
What do you collect? I collect everything! Bits of paper cut outs, ribbon, buttons....anything that I could maybe use one day for something crafty!
What is the meaning of life? Go forth and multiply!
Popmaster speciality: I'm still to find out!
3 favourite things: My dog Meg, Nature and chocolate raisins
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