kate wimbush (a.k.a. Wimbo, Bush)


Katy Wimbush flew the Brick and Bean nest and moved to Manchester and is now working for the boys and girls in blue; hello, hello, hello Miss Wimbush!  Since moving North Katy has taken up dancing and cake making and we hear she does a fine merengue or should that be meringue??? 

Check out Kate’s website: www.katewimbush.co.uk


Studied: BA (Hons) Design: Craft, Staffordshire university, Graduated – 2005
Favourite smell: Fresh sawdust – it’s so clean!
Favourite book: The Nickle Nackle Tree by Lynley Dodd
Favourite film: Twister
Favourite album: Depends on my mood
Hobbies: Shopping, reading, snoozing, horse riding, visiting the seaside, watching LOST
Loves: My boyfriend, Robbie Williams, lighthouses, windmills, having tattoos
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
Perchance to dream bracelet and locket – I love the clouds and blue sky!
What do you collect? Shoes and postcards of lighthouses, windmills and beach huts
What is the meaning of life? It’s all about having fun and its better to regret things you’ve done than regret not doing them!
Popmaster speciality: Robbie Williams
3 favourite things: 1) Grey joggers / comfy trousers
2) The seaside
3) Shoes
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