jenni wilson (a.k.a. ollie's mum)

Jenni joined us a few years ago now part-time to help with an excessive amount of orders.  In between now and then she had her son Ollie and is a very talented jeweller of all things small making her own wonderful creations too - take a peek at : www.




Studied: BA (Hons) Applied Arts, University of Derby.  Graduated in 1998.
Favourite smell: Clean washing (especially bedding) and my son's hair!
Favourite book: Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
Favourite film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite album: Mezzanine - Massive Attack (but I prefer to put my I-pod on shuffle)
Hobbies: Making things.... Illustrating, sewing, writing, printing etc.
Loves: Being at home (as long as it's tidy), sunny days, making things, being on a pebbley beach with a book!
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
I love the lockets with their little surprises inside but I also love the charm bracelets - I can't decide!!!
What do you collect? Little bits and bobs, pebbles from Rockham Bay (shouldn't really!)
What is one luxury in life that you wouldn't be without? A dishwasher!
Popmaster speciality: A good all-rounder!
3 favourite things: 1) my family including my cat Ernie
2) my house
3) red wine
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