Jean Hubbard

jean hubbard (a.k.a. Boss Bean) v.v.g.s.o.h, she makes us laugh (a lot!)


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It had never crossed Jeans mind to become a jeweller when she was younger. These are just a few of the careers she considered: circus performer, ventriloquist, ice skater, Mrs Elvis Presley, Mrs Scott Walker and Mrs Captain Scarlet. When Jean is not at the bench she can be found in a corner filling in the Saturdays Independent Sudoku puzzle.

Studied: BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design specialising in Jewellery
Birmingham Polytechnic
Occupation: Director (Jean runs another side of the business making silver charms)
Favourite smell: Tar – it’s intoxicating. Wind down your window next time you pass road workers!
Favourite book: Tim All Alone by Edward Ardizzone – I always chose this book at school. I was a slow reader but I loved the illustrations.
Favourite film: One Flew over the Cuckoos Next, it makes me angry, it makes me sad, but most of all it makes me laugh.
Favourite album: Scott 3 – his voice and song writing is at its absolute peak!
Hobbies: Watching Columbo, putting little tiny collectables into some form of order and display.
Loves: Dachshunds, putting on a brand new pair of Marks and Spencer socks, watching John Shuttleworth live, Yorkshire fish and chips and tunnocks teacakes – you can break off a piece of the crisp chocolate and use it to scoop out the soft centre and then save the biscuit base till last, divine!
Favourite piece of
Nick Hubbard Jewellery:
‘Such a small love’, a brooch that Nick made for me with the title of my favourite Scott Walker track.
What do you collect? Scott Walker memorabilia, original comic book artwork, clicker viewers, books, plastic bits and pieces, records.
What is the meaning of life? To make the most of what you’ve got and to pass through this world without bringing harm to others.
Popmaster speciality: The walker brothers
3 favourite things: 1) Pyjamas (I would wear them all day if I could, I practically do!)
2) Hot baths
3) Hot water bottles
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